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Welcome to the online home of Lawrence Crawford Association for Exceptional Citizens.

Lawrence Crawford Association for Exceptional Citizens provides supports to adults who have a diagnosis of an intellectual or developmental disability. We believe that every person regardless of their challenges, should have the opportunity to achieve their fullest life. The relationships built at LCAEC help create more stability in the lives of our consumers.

Lawrence Crawford Association for Exceptional Citizens is an integral part of our community. The well-being of our consumers contributes to the well-being of the entire community. We help sustain income for our consumers by providing them access to work in a safe yet challenging environment.  By earning a paycheck, our consumers are contributing to the economic health of our community as well as the daily wellbeing of themselves and their families.

We invest in the potential of every consumer that we serve by offering a variety of learning tools and activities. They have access to educational instruction and daily living practice that expands their potential for independence.  We offer personal supports such as help with decision making, managing health issues, and healthy living awareness.

In addition to work and education, our programs provide socialization for our individuals. Outings boost their confidence as they use the life skills they have learned while venturing out into their community.